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Boat Heilongjiang branch is ensured south " two meetings " the delegate touchs B

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Crew of clove of date of countrywide youth civilization is " two meetings " the airliner makes elaborate preparation.

On March 2, heilongjiang is saved " two meetings " on behalf of group 28 people take airliner of southern airline CZ6219 to be met into Beijing ginseng. Height of Heilongjiang branch Party committee takes seriously, undertook be decorated technically and preparative to this airliner task, ask departmental door ensures with all one's strength no risk at all of this airliner task. "Two meetings " the opinion that the delegate gave height to Na Hang, be Na Hang inscribe willingly and add up to shadow accept as a souvenir with aircrew.

It is reported, for cogent had done greet send " two meetings " work on behalf of safeguard, ensure delegate attending the meeting goes there and back smoothly, heilongjiang branch the political sense of responsibility with height, elaborate organization, make clear responsibility, made specific working plan hold water to greet send " two meetings " leader group of the representing.

It is unified thought, understanding of educational employee profundity has been done " two meetings " the principal port that works on behalf of safeguard, unite understanding, form resultant force, ensure safeguard " two meetings " carry out smoothly on behalf of working program. 2 it is system of perfect Information Circular, ensure information is delivered seasonable, accurate, smooth, confidential. 3 it is each unit did sufficient preparative work. Select of flight department, cabin ministry is best aircrew, crew, strengthen empty alarm the equipment of force, elaborate adornment, decorate cabin, according to the dietary habit of representing and requirement, deploy eat to feed; The plane maintains a factory to do the maintenance of good plane and examination work ahead of schedule; Technical staff assumes select of battalion transport ministry passenger ticket sells servive routine; The ground takes a ministry to send value crewman to arrive ahead of schedule " two meetings " deal with on behalf of the check-in seize the opportunity formalities, harbor of pass in and out has a brand to serve group staff whole journey guiding boards the plane, in the meantime, those who make good flight number deserve to work with the obligate of the seat beforehand, have safe examination to all sorts of special purpose vehicle, ensure equipment is in good condition, right " two meetings " add group staff to sweep according to clean standard on behalf of taken private plane and change afresh the things on machine.

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