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Boat southwest branch carries the state smoothly committee member of the Xizang

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On March 1, the CA4103 flight number that boat southwest branch executes the country, greeted wait for committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of whole nation of 12 the Xizang Autonomous Regions by Pabalagelielangjie of vice-chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of whole nation of the Xizang Autonomous Region. Committee members the servive routine that to the country cabin of boat southwest branch serves ministry attendant on a train gives height is evaluated.

Ministry of service of cabin of boat southwest branch is opposite the country to carry servive routine this to take very seriously, serve a standard according to private plane, undertook preparative to this airliner servive routine, formulate technical service level and special broadcast word, coordinate with aviation food company deployed fancy food to feed. To ensure the service quality of the airliner, country select of ministry of cabin of boat southwest branch date of countrywide youth civilization " blue journey " crew executes this flight number, welcome committee members to seize the opportunity in team of the above-listed of machine level ground, still arranged Tibetian steward to amount to child eminent Ma to wear beautiful Tibetian dress to have a service for committee members designedly at the same time, serve tea of the hada of designed preparation, ghee and highland barley wine for committee members, convey the devoir to committee members and blessing, invite committee members times feeling is friendly.

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