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Airbus parent company announces cargo aircraft of break down A380 research and d

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The simulation of computer of airbus A380 cargo aircraft that American combination wrap up carries service company pursues

Xinhua net Berlin on March 1 report: The parent company of European airbus company states so that concentrated force estimates manufacturing A380 plane, break down the research and development of cargo aircraft of its airbus A380 works 1 day.

The division of a person of extraordinary powers of · of spokesman Michael Er of matters pertaining to defense of aviation of Europe of empty guest parent company and spaceflight company says, a380 cargo aircraft still is a of the company main item, it is only " intermit, all force can use such firms on A380 plane. " but he expresses at the same time, company already formulate the development schedule with A380 new cargo aircraft, predict 400 or so to 20 years the potential sale of A380 cargo aircraft is in future.

That day, spokesman of empty customer company installs · of graceful · heart to overcome Luozaer to say, the main reason that research and development of cargo aircraft of break down A380 works is last week American combination wrap up serves a company (UPS) the decision is deferred receive A380 cargo aircraft. Because UPS is the last subscriber of A380 cargo aircraft, so empty customer firm decides the research and development of cargo aircraft of break down A380 works. Dan Keluo plunges into Er to express, the project did not cancel, but when does job of research and development restart still cannot decide at present.

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