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Boat Shenzhen branch realizes safe production 7 years south " make a good beginn

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Just end 2007 Spring Festival golden week, branch of Na Hang Shenzhen closely around " safe, benefit, service, harmonious " 4 themes, finished the each production job of Spring Festival golden week satisfactorily, ensured aviation is safe, obtained management beautiful accomplishment, realized excellent service, in Na Hang it is strategic transition, good to be hit on the journey of gain continuously the first battle, came true on the way that starts actor try to be the first, harmonious development in the company " make a good beginning " .

Kilometer income increases 20.57%

2007 Spring Festival golden week, boat Shenzhen branch finishs passenger transport to carry net income in all south many yuan 7000, increase compared to the same period 6.48% ; Safe flight grows 7.4% compared to the same period. In transport power amplitude lesser circumstance falls, firmly of boat Shenzhen branch grasps market opportunity south, elaborate scheme, close monitoring, make produce cast rise substantially than getting, earnings quality is very outstanding: Only then hair passenger transport kilometer income amplitude is 20.57% , especially commendable will be on Feburary 14 (good year 27) , on Feburary 15 (good year 28) , carriage net income of odd-numbered days passenger transport achieves twelve million six hundred and twelve thousand five hundred yuan respectively, twelve million seven hundred and seventy-six thousand four hundred yuan, created new record.

A month before Chun Yunzhi, ministry of passenger transport of branch of Na Hang Shenzhen has done the thought that decisive battle spring carries to prepare, the market sells department staff work from dawn to night, devoted and total energy stares at market trends closely, adjust market strategy in time, stare at airliner sale status closely, clear in time order phonily and violate compasses order, adopt strong step to clear at the same time low cabin, take strict precautions against tall cabin low occupy, strive for each minutes of accrual for the company with all one's strength.

Sale branch is stared at closely constantly visit one's family stream, the tendercy that travel sheds two main passenger flow, adjust a flight number in time. During the festival, line of Wuhan, Changsha is very hot, can saying is " one ticket is begged hard " . Then, the company cancels the scheduled flight with the poorer sale such as Xiamen, Shanghai in time, add the popular line such as flying Wuhan, Changsha, replace small model with large type, this act set up a pole and see its shadow-get instant results, total value sells out inside the time that the airliner airline ticket after adjusting is not in. Additional, to the airliner with the airliner in the section and odd apparent tropism, the company assesses earnings situation seriously, undertake in time optimizing adjustment, prevent occurrence accrual leak. In passenger source fall after a rise, fly in all airline stands fast when hope of fast the price of a ticket is scant, sale branch undertakes freight rate is coordinated actively, make freight rate level gets rising.

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