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Goodrich becomes big Han 747 with 737 landing gear overhaul serves trader

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December 2006, empty company of big Han Hang orders 25 Boeing new aircraft, include: 5 cargo aircraft of 747-8 of 5 10 Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing, Boeing 777 cargo aircraft and Boeing of 5 new generation 737 planes. (net of civil aviaton resource deserves to pursue)

The new colorful Kaluolaina that connect north city summer the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces is special on Feburary 26 report: Empty company of big Han Hang (Korean Airlines) had chosen Goodrich Corporation (code of new York stock exchange: GR) offer landing gear to maintain a service, meaning in for its Boeing (Boeing) 747 with new generation group of 737 aircrafts aircraft provides support. This agreement includes this two sort plane all booking repair and overhaul serves.

Goodrich landing gear serves business to develop director Bob Corbeil to express: "Win this landing gear to maintained a project to consolidate long-standing collaboration concerns between we and big Han aviation. This proved big Han at the same time the degree of belief of the service that to us the group provides before and satisfaction spend airline got continueing. Can make the one part that aids big Han airline progress and successful spot effort again, we feel be honoured very much. We feel be honoured very much..

Goodrich is Boeing all model plane (Boeing 737 series, Boeing 757 series, Boeing 767 series, Boeing 747 series and Boeing 777 series aircraft) the original equipment manufacturer of landing gear. In addition, goodrich still is offerred for these plane series involve arrive from machine annulus and brake turn over thrust device and lash-up scattered system a variety of technologies that wait.

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