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Since yesterday of electronic passenger ticket pilot open carry out common airli

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Agent of Tianjin airline ticket sells electronic passenger ticket formally. To the end of 2007, hopeful of electronic passenger ticket replaces active and common passenger ticket in the round.

Passenger ticket of first pieces of electron is the will fly to Nanning by Beijing on November 7 single ticket that sells by grand dispatch aviation. The reporter sees, this piece of number has cover and passenger couplet only for the electronic passenger ticket of 0000007251. Compare traditional passenger ticket, omited remitter couplet, and with 1 piece " passenger couplet " replaced 2 pieces " seize the opportunity couplet " . As we have learned, at present this city has 3 representatives orgnaization to be able to sell electronic passenger ticket only, and all airliners that the electronic passenger ticket of the sale is confined to Hainan airline. Predicting future a few months, this city can sell the representative of electronic passenger ticket to order quantitative general increase, and the electronic passenger ticket that can buy other airline in succession in these acting dots.

A few days ago, international aviation carries association to put forward, to the end of 2007, carry out electronic passenger ticket in the round in the whole world. Be in our country, will begin in September from this year, business of electronic passenger ticket is in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, big talk and Tianjin the procuratorial place of 5 pilot cities is begun. Next year, domestic other city will drive this business in the round.

Actually, to electronic passenger ticket, a lot of fares are not new. Begin from 2003, the airline such as boat of boat of Na Hang, country, Dong Hang, sea rolls out business of electronic passenger ticket one after another. But agent of each airline ticket uses common passenger ticket extensively still. Agent sells electronic passenger ticket, broke the limit that airline electron passenger ticket eachs does things in his own way. The passenger can pass agent to undertake ordering directly, pay, give a bill. If the passenger does not acquire airline ticket directly, also can remember the news such as next airliner date, v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money, show identity document to exchange passenger ticket to counter of airport electron ticket, deal with subsequently board the plane formalities.

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