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Two meetings make tubal forecast: Control of traffic of 75 streets of Beijing

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Yesterday, city hands in tubal bureau to issue forecast of two meetings traffic, the traffic control measure that will 75 aves execute minute of time limit to go in session today.

Provide sectional introduction according to handing in, national People's Congress of 10 whole nations 5 times the conference kicks off this morning, at the appointed time committee member of delegate of National People's Congress, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference goes back and forth between concentration at people congress hall and 22 dwelling places by the car. Now the day is the first month of the lunar year 15 the first day after passing, just meet again Zhou Yi, all units, school, enterprise, shop will return to normal, predict pressure of early height traffic is greater. And the time that congress opening delegate, committee member heads for people congress hall centrally just meets early height, traffic control course involves 75 aves, be as long as 122 kilometers, more make traffic pressure increases.

Accordingly, citizen of hope of the branch that make a valve staggers early height goes out as far as possible row, go to work or go to school most take public traffic tool, in order to reduce flow of road surface car. And, piece before 3 Chang'an Street, aves, government office keeps away from as far as possible when travel right street, wide Wai Street, Lu Guanyuan bridge reachs 2 annulus on the west on the west bridge of 2 annulus drum-tower reachs postern bridge, northeast found a state a section of a highway such as raft of pontoons. Drive when start off, the driver should notice to observe the traffic outside family status of the department that make a valve is revulsive the clew information of indication screen, or understand in time through the media such as broadcast, network, master circuitous information, strict obedient policeman is directed.

Session is circuitous course

1. The car of a gleam of of Chang'an Street of by way of: But circuitous lotus Chi Donglu, wide install Wai Street of road of ave, rising sun, face, east 3 annulus road, Chao Fu road, restful ave, south 2 annulus road, east 2 annulus road, east 4 annulus road, mound Wai Street, on the west 3 annulus road;

2. Stone of Beijing of by way of is freeway, wide the car of the Wai Street: But circuitous Li Zelu, on the west 4 annulus advocate road, on the west 3 annulus road, lotus Chidong road;

3. Ave of state-owned bank of car of by way of, on the west the car of 2 annulus road: But circuitous on the west 3 annulus road, north the 3 annulus road, road austral the institute, mound ave of bridge of person road, peace and tranquility, Zhao ascends ceremony of Wai Street, north and south south Yu Lu paragraph;

4. By way of east, north the car of 2 annulus road: But circuitous drum-tower east ave, install inside small market of ave, north, east inside ave, east Wai Street, restful ave east paragraph, Wai Street of the ave inside road of north of industry put oneself in another's position, face, face, north 3 annulus road.
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