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The price great war of airline ticket erupts sadly

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Odd course is become public transportation change

In airliner change garments according to the season, donghang Jiangsu branch will increase a flight number again on Beijing airliner, roll out thereby " Beijing moves back and forth the express " . Enjoy to invite more guest quick of a travel convenient, come from March 25 during March 31, the fare that always buys Dong Hang to fly to Beijing airline ticket from Nanjing can enjoy 290 yuan special offer ticket.

According to eye antecedent form, nanjing flies to the airliner of Beijing to share 13 sortie today, part Shanghai Airline and boat of subject Yu Donghang, country, sea boat. Sell out basically besides airline ticket of specific flight number outside, other airliner is superabundant ticket, lowest price can be enjoyed 4 lose privilege, fare 400 yuan.

Donghang Jiangsu branch party group Lin Yi of working ministry minister tells a reporter, current, boat Jiangsu branch flies to the course of Beijing to went up to had opened 5 flight numbers in Nanjing east, when one day will be formed after will increasing a flight number again on March 25 6 orders.

Such every other have the flight number of flying Beijing of a Nanjing two hours, basically achieved " public transportation change " degree.

99 yuan of airline ticket " kill " into Nanjing

Since March 18, age aviation is in Shenyang - Nanjing - the set limit to on the airliner of Shenyang rolls out airline ticket of 99 yuan of special offer (do not contain the airport to build cost and fuel surtax) .

According to introducing, this second 99 yuan of special offer that roll out and former 299 yuan are mixed 399 yuan of special offer are congeneric age aerial series of 99 special offer, be restricted only pay on the net.

To let more terminal the passenger can enjoy special offer privilege, every member buys two pieces of special offer in upper limit of same flight number, force majeure and airline reason are not after work off of special offer airline ticket cannot return a ticket and lot turn.

Feng Jun of general manager of business department of age aviation Nanjing is new tell a reporter, spring after carry ends, at present aviation market was entered off-season, for passenger source of race to control this company Shenyang - Nanjing - the course of Shenyang pushs bill of 99 yuan of special offer again on the foundation of original low ticket.

They put 99 yuan on the scale that from every airliner the seat ground that 30 % take out in 70 many seats differs respectively, in 299 yuan of fare with 399 yuan, the hope stimulates the market to let more passenger enjoy the treatment of low ticket through this second sales promotion.

Medicinal powder the guest enjoys organization fare

Will rise on March 25, always buy the passenger that Nanjing will go back and forth between Guilin airline ticket before the bottom in April to be able to be enjoyed in business ministry of Shanghai Airline Nanjing 5. 5 lose privilege, fare 1200 yuan.

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