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The passenger of costly airline ticket

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The oil price that upsurges ceaselessly makes each country head busy not only turn all round, more it is each respects that the influence lives to the people, was used to the American of mechanization, must change a lot of habits in the life.
A few American arrive to add cheaper oil, cross the boundary illegally is cheered to Mexico. Because Mexican benzine has governmental subsidy, the gas price of the United States and Mexico appeared considerably valence is poor, a lot of American are not far 10 thousand lis drive the car Mexico cheer, the poisonous ambitious gunfight that disregards Mexican border town to often erupt even may browbeat life is safe. Because American National People's Congress measures cross the boundary illegally to cheer, town of border of a few Mexico had appeared to be short of oily state, a few cities begin to implement admeasure system even.
But although oil price is again cheap, can the person that cross the boundary illegally cheers still belongs to minority after all. More and more American go up greatly by force of gas price, using less as far as possible originally indispensable in the life illicit home car. Management board of American government highway (FH A) the report that issued a few days ago shows, american will drive April course of development is counted relatively acute of the corresponding period decreased 4.5 billion miles last year, achieve lunar lowest record is the same as since 2003.

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