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The airline ticket that order

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Medium of blessing Lai international and Harris Interactive of market survey orgnaization cooperate, built a kind the name is " digital influence index " analytic tool. "Consequence " main consideration consumer is planted in some daily the time that spends on media and this media are in the place that when consumptive intent decides, takes. Two orgnaizations analyse a tool newly according to this, last year the bottom comes mix in France, Germany at the beginning of this year England undertook investigating. Findings shows, it is in the consequence index of French Internet 46% , TV is 33% , broadcast is 14% , newspaper is 3% , the magazine is 3% . The scale of England and Germany and this is roughly identical. This makes clear, the time that consumer spends on Internet is more, and the consumptive orientaton force that Internet decides him to consumer is larger also.
Internet purchases consequence to consumer the biggest is product of travel, culture and high-tech product. The airline ticket of draw together of travel square biscuit that order, ticket and book hotel room; Culture product basically is book, CD and DVD; High-tech product is given priority to with digital camera, MP3 and notebook computer. But poll in constituency and buy respect of medical sanitation things, the influence of Internet is less than other media.

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