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Sold by the time difference liar cheap discount ticket attractive fooled
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Mr Li excitedly rush to the airport, ready to travel to the UK. But when he was holding a single trip to board a flight, the airport staff told him the ticket reservation has been canceled. It turned out that he purchase electronic air tickets through the network to be fooled by criminals. Recently, the Hongkou District Procuratorate approved the arrest of the suspect fraud Huang Chen. Compared with the traditional paper ticket, e-ticket to travel to provide consumers a lot of convenience. However, this convenience has given an opportunity to exploit a number of lawless elements, some people use the middle part of the vulnerabilities and the time difference, cleverly designed, traps, and have escaped and fled. In order to extract money Huang Chen, alias "Lin Zehai" on the Internet up "Shanghai Huajia Ticket Center" website, and when the victim to his book tickets to fly overseas and delivered money, the Huang Chenli through Internet cafes in the day 20:00 before the cancellation of the flight reservation to become invalidated. Hongkou District Prosecutor's case the contractor to remind the general public prosecutor, liars, mainly in forums, paste it and search engine released "cheap discount ticket" information, such as victim calls ordering tickets. If the victim is found to be cheated, immediately shut down websites, mobile phone and other contact information, disappeared. People to purchase electronic tickets, the best company to ask for e-ticket booking itinerary.