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Domestic flight meals get rid of "nasty" local food is expected to check
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Cheap air heating lunch and noodles, air travelers had already been looking and boring. To seize the hearts of tourists, visitors must first grasp the "stomach", has recently started in the aviation airlines start menu on the article yesterday, remember Who learned from relevant departments of Yunnan, at present, the major domestic airlines are based on the development of new aircraft passenger demand food species, of which, Air China, China Eastern, China Southern's commitment: In the future, Dian Wei snacks, Shanghai xiao long bao, the Northeast Water Dumplings and other regional characteristics of the meal with a point is expected to board the flight. Passenger aircraft have no choice meal unpalatable Often from Mr. Lee in Beijing and Kunming have to fly almost every week, for the domestic flight meals, he has own comment, "business class or first class, food and drink is very rich, economy class will only Provide simple drinks and food. " Domestic flights flight meals, eating nothing more than to eat chicken, duck, pork, seafood and four varieties of rice, noodles and two kinds of staple food. In addition to a single species, the components do not have enough for many passengers complained: "eat a Were hungry, eat but not eat two. " Dinner of the aircraft passenger health experts Chen Li introduced healthy eating experts in Yunnan Province, people in high-altitude flight, lose 30% of taste, but also may cause clock disorder. Therefore, the food is good or bad on the plane and nutrition, has a direct impact on the identity of passengers in flight Healthy body mass. Domestic civil aviation agency had done to statistics, more than 90% of passengers that the domestic flight meals is not good, 80% of the passengers that the aircraft should be increased meal choice varieties. Tastes become heated air flight meals "In general, the shelf life of the aircraft meals only 24 hours, sent aircraft, must also be paid in 4 hours to passengers, or can only throw out. Such a short period of time, it is necessary to ensure that nutrition, but also to ensure that food Health and delicious meat dish on the flight rate is indeed not easy. "The sources, frozen food and again after a rapid heating, tastes have changed. And because of the limited range, if the supply of 4-5 kinds of dishes, logistics sector may Difficult to protect, flight attendants have no time to pass a Road travelers. Local food prices are expected to board Air China flight According to airline catering company disclosed that a set of meals in economy class, minimum purchase about 20 million. At present, three Air Enterprises (Air China, China Eastern, China Southern) will lead to change of aircraft meals, such as the roast duck, a large bowl, Korean bibimbap end of the table on the plane. International long-haul routes, will be implemented drinks, food Localization, for example, on flights between Japan will provide Japanese food. Air enterprises even said: "In the future, Yunnan, snacks, Shanghai dumplings, dumplings and other Northeastern dishes with regional characteristics, are expected to board the aircraft , A food tray air travelers. " It is reported that China Eastern Airlines has flights from Shanghai to Beijing to implement two-class (economy class, first class) ordering 48 hours in advance, this service will be originating in Shanghai, the full implementation of all the routes.