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Ice and snow enclothes Shenyang airport Hefei 200 much fares go out to suffer an

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Yesterday, take off what poured spring chill weather to affect flight number of Hefei airport share of our country northeast area normally, many 200 leave a port passenger journey incur loss through delay.

Suffer northward strong cold air to invade, northeast yesterday area appears more than 10 hours to arrive greatly continuously blizzard weather, shenyang airport by thick the firn that amounts to half meters is enclothed, cannot open normally use, nearly 200 scheduled flights that countrywide each district plans to fly to this city are not had carry out. The 3129 airliners of CZ that flew to Shenyang from Hefei that day also because of suffocate suffocate of range of heavy snow weather, be forced to join incur loss through delay to await. Afternoon 6 when make, the heavy snow of Shenyang still does not have the evidence that disappear rests, this airliner is forced remit to is carried out this morning, follow-up Shenyang also cancels to Hefei, many 150 passenger suffers an effect. The guest that in addition still many 60 plan takes this machine to fly to Changsha also cancels to cannot embark on a journey smoothly because of the airliner, must change autograph or return a ticket.

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