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Person of Harbin airport bully too very: Face door stitch cries of discontent ri

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Chinese Harbin airport is compulsive collection " check-up is expended " , custom excessive levy, had become the nightmare that is pressed in Heilongjiang book to go up in meridian compatriots mind, letting a person think is not filled with apprehension, it is be filled with indignation.

Recently since a paragraph of period, reader in succession airport of Harbin of incoming telegram report executes the law the behavior with inordinate personnel, strong demand China has those who close airport of sectional punish Harbin to execute the law order, rectify execute the law personnel; Cancel defile brethren character " the experience is expended " .

Before before long, a surname piece Heilongjiang book female, take nonstop international scheduled flight, anew have diarrhoea arrives at Harbin. In Harbin airport, she and 20, 30 passengers that hold Chinese passport, by the airport person of a few liveried is blocked, let them pay the check-up fee of 200 yuan of RMBs each, do not hand in buckle a passport. These passengers do not have method, be forced ordinal queue up, wear an uniform to young female officer makes money.

Discharge the passenger in front of Ms. Zhang to there may be friend in the airport, he talked in whispers in side of female official side in a low voice a few, female official confiscated money to still give him the passport.

All these is looked to be in the eye by Ms. Zhang, say to female official: "He need not hand in money to go person, we also are not handed in. " unexpectedly, this female official heard this word, be uncovered like baldicoot the ground jumped like scar, vulgar language ground scolded glibly to rise: "You come back from Japan the ox forces a what, the person since lesson of have the impertinence to do sth came, I should let you look, it is your ox or my ox. " she says to lock up the iron box of the make out an invoice that hold cash, the passport that took 20 much people went, a word abandons before facing: "Without the passport, I see you who can go out. I see you who can go out..

She so go, 20 many passengers resemble scamper boiler is euqally random rise, some blame Ms. Zhang is garrulous: "You say what these have to use, this helps liveried play art it is what heart sex, who is not clear, the passport is in her hand, am we offended rise? " a few young resemble greatly fooling the child to seek that female official euqally, zun Yigou " eldest sister " , right " eldest sister " , humble beg she, say: "We had criticized the person of that speech, you or the money us closed, put us to go, kin friend is waiting outside. Kin friend is waiting outside..

In everybody persuade below, that female official just returns " execute the law " , receive money to put a person. To retaliate Ms. Zhang, close intentionally finally piece money, provoke the ground to say, "How, you are arrogant, still be my ox. Still be my ox..

Ms. Zhang is bearing tear by force, abasement ground has accepted his passport from female official hand, at the moment, the sort of going back to the motherland visit one's family the happy mood that spend the New Year already was mopped up get completely, from now on, she is in Harbin full a month, the mood does not have feel well.
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