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Ministry of service of boat southwest cabin plans the nation meticulously the ea

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Total hutch of steward of ministry of service of cabin of boat southwest branch and limited company of southwest aviation food has the state communication

On March 1, the eat on summerly fall machine fed the meeting that choose food to be held in limited company of southwest aviation food 2007. Leader of ministry of service of cabin of boat southwest branch, financial department and relevant business personnel played the country to choose eat this to meet. Yellow Bin of vise general manager of boat southwest branch visits the country on-the-spot guidance.

To strengthen the monitoring that feeds cost and mass to eat, boat southwest branch is in the country to chose eat this to be able to roll out new food feed the mode that revise price, feed to each breed eat revise price alone, the change presses the mode that appoints the price to make a formula by food company before, make eat eats the value composition is more transparent, after the eat that also facilitates neatly combination differs at the same time feeds breed and eat to feed a plan to carry out, undertake according to just feedbacking each local transform meat.

To ensure eat is fed more the effective demand that accords with a passenger, cabin of boat southwest branch serves the country the department is special arranged much name to grow by Wu and steward of first-class stateroom cabin, tourist class attended to choose eat this to meet. Everybody serves the passenger feedback situation that masters in the process on serious consideration machine, at the same time combinative eat feeds the detail such as the change that bakes fragrance of the color in controlling a process to may appear on machine, feed to of all kinds eat undertake combine and matching, undertook with total hutch of limited company of southwest aviation food the spot is communicated.

Ministry of service of cabin of boat southwest branch regards the country as the eat on branch machine feed equipment director branch, to Xiaqiu season food fed boat to undertake fractionize by course, let eat feed more accord with passenger demand, in give attention to two or morethings at the same time the circumstance of each square passenger taste falls, reflect distinguishing feature of Sichuan food culture. This will begin in Xia Qiuhang season hind, dog closely the feedback opinion that passenger and crew feed to the eat on machine, the satisfaction that improves a passenger to be fed to the eat on machine further hard is spent.

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