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The country installs foreign aids to negotiate man of Long Ni of Zhu of consign

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The club is scattered greatly give Li Zhangzhu the negotiation

Differ with the circumstance of in former years, beijing country installs a club to stem from the accredit to Li Zhangzhu this year, negotiate this second foreign aids and introduce gave completely this Korea advocate handsome and Wei Kexing of the leader of a sports team and trainer Li Chun are in charge of completely, club arrangement brings hold probably amount of business, of the others introduce by consider of team coach team.

The country brings a side introducing there is a the biggest demand on foreign aids, it is ripe need not be born, use in domestic league matches to had taken exercise as far as possible, the foreign aids that hnow through and through. The reason is very simple, because the country is installed,had inspected new foreign aid without time, the in-house consensus deadline of the club is to should be in the middle ten days of a month signed 4 all foreign aids in January reach the designated position, because according to inferior the requirement of coronal league matches, the middle ten days of a month was the deadline that sign up January.

How is the country spent this year with great quantity, basically be for inferior coronal league matches prepares. The high-level collect that the country installs a club is peaceful the club interior after league matches had been placed on summary inferior the guidelines of league matches of coronal excel home.

Want to take the champion that had not taken Chinese club, and league matches was defeated is media of Beijing fan, Beijing only grouchy, and inferior coronal league matches was defeated is media of countrywide fan whole nation grouchy, so the country installs head office more take a fancy to inferior the honor of coronal league matches.

Buddhist nun of pony fourth grand is already oral come to an agreement

On the issue that introduces in foreign aids, how does the country confirm what had reached Long Ni with pony Ding Yi last week agent reached oral agreement respectively. Among them the pay of pony man rises somewhat, control in 100 thousand dollar about, long Ni also gave a value that accords with its identity.

The trainer that installs a club according to the country holds interpreter Li Chun concurrently to say completely, "The other side has been willing to join in Beijing country is installed " . But all sorts of setbacks that appeared a few years in the past make Li Chun full mix however the member of drill team as before very careful, he says: "It is oral only at present nevertheless on agree, and had not fulfilled a character to go up, this is the concept that differs absolutely, make an appointment with metropolis existence to have variable without last lot, we can have done all businesses as soon as possible only. We can have done all businesses as soon as possible only..

It is reported, the country installs a club to hope to be mixed as soon as possible pony Ding Longni signs literal contract, so that be in,next year can head person of the same trade of on two foreign aids when the assemble for training at the beginning of January.

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