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Wu Jinglian expresses spring carry fare not rise does not accord with market rul

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Yesterday, inside Beijing abundant guesthouse, bound of 10 5 conferences economy holds countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference panel discussion, wu Jinglian of researcher of research center of development of the State Council, distinguished economist's committee member makes each medium again " besiege " focal character, he the view that with respect to a few societies sensitive issue expressed him.

The stock market:

The stock market considerably rise and fall is very common

Much at 8 o'clock in the morning, wu Jinglian's committee member enters panel discussion assembly room, be surrounded all round by reporters, face the problem of the one after another, wu Jinglian keeps consistent Confucianism elegant scholastic demeanour, reply one by one.

"You how is look upon current of field of A stock market considerably rise and fall? " Wu Jinglian expresses, short-term inside still cannot see a trend, rise to fall greatly greatly to small investor the risk is compared big, but this kind of phenomenon, the stock market that although be in abroad,matures is very common also.

Train ticket price:

Spring float of freight rate check is necessary

This year spring carry, train ticket price does not have rise. Wu Jinglian thinks, this one policy did not obtain expectant result not only, still created 3 harmful results: One, a lot of person the same night queue up to buy do not wear ticket, heighten of cost queueing up; 2, ox party infestation, fare is rising, more person hard burden; 3, influence is highlighted, "Approve a brief informal note " the phenomenon is serious.

He says frankly, regard a learning as the viewpoint, most economist disapproves of this kind of method, because this one practice does not accord with market economy principle, the likelihood causes price twist, resource to configure small effect, make our intent gets the person of advantage, did not get benefit.

"From the angle analysis of an economist, spring the float of freight rate case is necessary. If work person in spend the New Year there is difficulty truly on the problem that come home, we can adopt other method, allowance of the person that work to collectivity for example, more actual. More actual..


Holiday is current do not answer too much

Offer in the light of somebody good year 30, mid-autumn, upright midday is legal holiday surely this one problem, wu Jinglian's committee member thinks, our country's current holiday is already too much, need to consider as a whole, had better ask a few orgnaizations to appear personally will consider. For instance, long holiday is after all be helpful for whole consumption still is a benefit consume at the holiday, "This has different opinion, be necessary to discuss integratedly. Be necessary to discuss integratedly..

He says: "I serve as a common people, best 365 days have a holiday every day. But should consider whole country, long-term interest of the nation. We are developing countries, do not think we wanted to go up to the sky, we are very poor still. We are very poor still..

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