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Major line airline ticket is hit fold
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Yesterday, the reporter understands from dot of ticket of aviation carry out, begin from 8 days, price of major line airline ticket all has discount price, partial route appears even roundtrip 4 lose airline ticket, and for a time taut Beijing line also has discount ticket to sell.

The staff member of booking office of airport of prosperous northland border introduces, fare of the aviation after the section ever rose for a time, many course airline ticket maintains total value, and Nanchang is mixed to Beijing Shanghai course is one ticket is begged hard more. Chun Yunjin enters end, leave a port after the passenger sheds progressively dredge, airline ticket price goes now to slip to also be in reason subsequently.

It is reported, as a result of " 38 " woman red-letter day greets amplitude of particle of travel passenger source, each airline also goes out severally action grab the market. The Nanchang that if the citizen shifts to an earlier date 7 days,buys Hai Hang - the airline ticket of Beijing course can be hit 3 fold. And Nanchang reachs Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen the return dicket price of and other places, maintain basically also in 3 to 4 fold.