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Singapore cheap boat awaits machine building to add establishment of stop on the
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At the Chen Hong that will publish on Feburary 22 reader of course of study sends letter " improve please cheap aviation building facilities " with the Lin Zhenxin that will publish on March 1 the reader sends letter " cheap aviation edifice must improve " :

We understand a few old personages using cheap the faces possibly difficulty when aviation awaits machine building. We will be mixed in the brae after giving dam up water footpath, add the establishment that supplies tired passenger stop on the way for a rest. In addition, cheap aviation awaits machine building also stock a few wheelchair, use for having the passenger of need.

Cheap the design that aviation awaits machine building with be being mixed simply practical give priority to, in order to cooperate cheap of airline run mode. Be run cheaply to maintain and upkeep costs, await machine building not to set elevator, escalator and automatic footpath.

Cheap although do not have the Wu of the first perfect establishment kimono with the 2nd terminus,aviation awaits machine building, but also promising passenger provides regular service. For instance, because do not have communal bus service, we provided contact for passenger and public cheap aviation awaits machine building and the service of bus of free short distance between the 2nd terminus.

Thank the report of two readers. We take the passenger's feedback seriously very much, also can improve a service ceaselessly, let a passenger have happier experience