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Ministry of job of Party committee of branch of Shenzhen of Chinese southern avi
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Interview when, sun Jiang's smile with Jiang Yi bright face, pure eyes caught interview official deeply, of a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is, 1 meter of Jiang Jiang of 7 have 89 jins only, others is reducing weight desperately, and she must add 10 jins weight in time of a month, ability passes check-up smoothly. Then, chocolate does not leave a body, meat is added designedly before sleeping in the evening, jiang Jiang cudgel one's brains for used all thinkable method, she still took a kind of drug adding fertilizer that contains minim hormone later, make increase 96 jins smoothly so that weight is inside a month eventually.

All things all has, owe east wind only, dan Nahang did not come tardy message, the eye looks at a dream be about to broken up, this lets lose of Sun Jiang ginger extremely.

Be such: 2002, still be in big the Sun Jiang ginger of 2, be shifted to an earlier date to recruit by Na Hang, the intermediate change because of policy of invite applications for a job and just meet SARS, caused Sun Jiang ginger this batch most the student that is selected first, await a news in the home till the cows come home, look at the classmate from the back one batch in the sky approves sister station, and oneself are without a message, psychology is bearing enormous pressure, make to not certain sense of future and vague feeling they are in those who overshoot in dejected, depression full a year. Be in eventually 2003 in May, the message is transmitted, they can report, this resembles is day of outside news, sun Jiang ginger says: "The sort of breaking and regain the shock that brings us, still remember profundity up to now, cherish empty elder sister the job of this hard-earned, it is the aspirations with collective everybody. It is the aspirations with collective everybody..

Doing empty elder sister 4 years, jiang Jiang says frankly is a study and the process that improve, from an innocent little girl grows it is to be able to face the passenger, mature air that gets the passenger speaks favorably of leisurely elder sister, she was experienced a lot of.

When remembering just beginning to fly, fly on the airliner of Xi'an, jiang Jiang is extending in 23 beverage, abrupt the 26 men that discharge one life many years old 40, complexion cadaverous, lip empurples, systemic shiver, insanity is pressing his madam to call a bell, jiang Jiang leaves the nearliest, but because never encounter this kind of situation, at a draught confused hands or feet, do not know how to should do, facing a passenger absently, at this moment, grow by Wu fast cabin came once upon a time, depend, preliminary think to break out heart disease truly, move instantly this wider the seat all round the passenger, its cravat, chatelaine loosens entirely, push aerobic jar, took monobel to him piece, after the complexion that waits for this passenger alleviates slowly, grow to move its to first-class stateroom cabin by Wu, go to the lavatory to be taken care of in time, later, begin to search a doctor in the broadcast in cabin, whole process, grow to doing easy and naturally by Wu a job, in an orderly way, jiang Jiang can pie-eyed on the side watch, psychology was full of long to multiplying Wu admire. Since then, jiang Jiang does not have a thing to holding medical book in the arms to read among them emergency treatment common sense, go increasing oneself lash-up capacity conciously, sun Jiang ginger says: After the passenger flies to headroom, we have a kind of responsibility that does not open shirk to their safety.
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