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Happy event greet homing to hoist the sails again head of Na Hang Shan multinomi
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"Installed annual to come true 2006! " the CZ3080 airliner that flies to Shan head by Korea head Er is plangent lacerate heavy curtain of night, firm outside descending in Shan head city arenaceous airport. At the moment, in the general manager Zhou Ying that already awaited a long time, the leader of firm of head of Na Hang Shan such as advancement of Pan of Party committee secretary and employee of departmental door cadre are full of excited mood, display to the unit staff of triumphal homing went up beautiful flower, celebrate joyously the victory of this hard-earned jointly.

Handclasp, hug, applause, "Everybody worked hard! " flew daylong aircrew face shows loving care for times feeling warmth to what the company leads, express to want to carry on achievement in a new year in succession, innovate again beautiful accomplishment.

2006, firm of head of Na Hang Shan again " volant Gao Fei " . Come one year, firm of head of Na Hang Shan manages team solidarity to guide faculty, seize the strategic opportunity that 5 years development plan gashs bureau head one year closely, hold to from beginning to end " safety is this, the market is first, benefit is a center " " 3 for " working guiding principle, according to " consolidate periphery of wet Shan, development, development Hua Dong " management concept, give priority to a line in order to reform progress, stress working focal point, make clear working target, catch management, security personnel complete, implementation installs devoid accident; Stress innovation, fall cost, add close cut down expense successful; Pay a service, annual is complained effectively for 0; Achieve beneficial result, ensured successive gain of 13 years; Make concerted effort of faculty of firm of head of Na Hang Shan, outside be being mixed inside, arrange, overcame a lot of difficulty that a few elements that cannot expect bring jointly, finished the safe production job of annual satisfactorily, achieved safe goal. Carry stop to will complete carriage flight 22255 hours in all on December 29, increased 2571 hours last year compared to the same period; The airliner that finish takes off 15268 sortie, increase 1474 sortie compared to the same period; Finish carry total volume one hundred and thirty-one million nine hundred and forty-seven thousand eight hundred ton kilometer, passenger volume 1.379 million person-time, goods mails traffic 12372 tons, grow 22.2% than last year respectively, 18.7% with 10.3% . Taxes of annual turn over to the higher authorities achieves 36.9 million yuan. Will produce October this year especially manage achieve 4 histories record high, the airliner quantity October achieves 1560 sortie, it is a month with maximum amount of class of Shanghai Airline of history of firm of head of Na Hang Shan, passenger volume will achieve 6299 person-time on October 24, broke through the day that comes 13 years to carry passenger record high, passenger volume will break through 140 thousand person-time October, october advocate business Wu income breaks through 100 million yuan to close greatly first!
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