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Northeast sky canal answers blizzard to ensure the transportation in sky is safe
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On March 4 before dawn, especially big blizzard assaults Liaoning suddenly to save Shenyang to escape celestial being International Airport, accompany have 7- - gale of 8 class northeast, bring about the airport to shut, flight number of harbor of pass in and out is total incur loss through delay or cancel, this gives spring carry seizes the opportunity the passenger causes great effect.

Bureau of empty canal of civil aviaton northeast against a rainy day, answer actively spring during carry special climate, start lash-up instantly beforehand case, flight of the traffic in ensuring this area under administration is empty is normal and orderly. Specific accomplishing is to strengthen at Shenyang the contact of departmental door, contact, coordinate direct, encounter special situation to appear in the newspaper instantly; 2 it is to make sure each post is on duty force, enrich the technical personnel with seasoned, masterly business one first post; 3 it is atmosphere branch executes 24 hours of close monitoring, accurate without hold future by accident this field weather trend, seasonable to report weather forecast about domestic and international airport, strive to fall the effect that causes because of heavy snow to lowest; 4 it is the equipment of room inside and outside that is communication, radar, navigation, establishment keeps uninterrupted perambulatory, ensure straightway, provide strong support for air traffic control; 5 be it is to keep clear of in time firn of the equipment outdoor, establishment, make its achieve transmission parameter of the regulation.

As we have learned, blizzard lasts even, have the tendency that intensity increases. In this kind special climate condition falls, bureau of because civil aviaton is northeast empty canal runs a department each elaborate organization, report is answered quickly, actively, direct in sky at present, facilities of atmosphere observation, ground is normal and orderly. Bureau of empty canal of civil aviaton northeast has determination and letter to ensure safety of the transportation in sky is normal and orderly, for spring carry, display for the festival of lanterns on largesse.