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Beautiful development plane drives automatically the system is on guard skyjacki
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2001 " 9 · 11 " in horrible assault, terrorist hijacks many plane and controlled flight cab forcibly, the result causes world trade building to be collapsed by run down. Repeat to prevent tragedy, the scientists of American Boeing company are developing a plane to drive automatically at present system, this system can avoid effectively to happen again be similar to " 9 · 11 " horrible assault.

The spokesman of American Boeing company says, the name of this new system is " blame interpose drives automatically system " , had won exclusive technology patent in American country Patent Office last week. This system locates through radio wave and global satellite the system controls the area personnel, secure armed forces and plane connection to rise. After the plane takes off, drive automatically the system can be started formally, once the plane is hijacked, the ground controls personnel to be able to lock up the flight control center that decides a plane. Right now, the plane controls complete support area the instruction of central personnel to undertake flying, and the air man on the plane and terrorist lost any control ability to the plane. Ground control personnel can resemble operating toy model to make a plane smooth euqally according to data fly and be able to safety descends. Below this kind of circumstance, the plane that is browbeaten can be in for military use or business descends with the airport, terrorist also can be seized without fighting only.

This spokesman still expresses, the United States still is in at present with Europe a few countries cooperate, with finishing the name is " aviation of prospective Europe environment is safe " oppose skyjacking system. This system predicts to will cost 4 years, requires capital amount is as high as 22 million pound. This project the subsystem of the first part will 2008 metaphase takes the lead in accepting a test, other subsystem will at subsequently the grading inside a few years checks. Go up month, this project parts in the Situoer in British cloth city and German hamburger city undertook the ground checks first, act passenger and skyjacking element respectively by a flock of actors. According to design expect, once carry the terrorist deceive of the weapon to install check hind through the airport, this confluence of all sorts of high-tech " turn over skyjacking " the system can be started automatically. Be in " 9 · 11 " in incident, skyjacking element enters cockpit, after killing air man immediately controlled a plane. And the cockpit of new design divides consolidate port outside, added the biology such as iris and dactylogram newly still to identify a technology, in order to ensure the unit staff that only the course permits can be entered. The computer program of special design will prevent plane deviate established course, at the same time accredit ground directs personnel to pass long-range remote control, safety of the how-to plane that encounter disaster descends in the other airport around.

According to the design, when the head that holds firearms to target air man when terrorist compels his to bump to ahead high-rise, new-style " turn over skyjacking " the plane will start his instantly last line of defence- - " urgent and evasive system " . Whether is this system hitting automatic judgement plane to ahead high mountain or building, meet so change course automatically forcibly, the sky that widens forward flies. Predict to be covered in this " turn over skyjacking " in the system, "Urgent and evasive system " will take the lead in checking at accepting installation 2008. In addition, new-style " turn over skyjacking " still will install on the plane " horrible and minatory exploration subsystem " , utmost ground strangles horrible incident in budding condition. After installing this subsystem, every corner that closet includes inside inside engine room, will hide detectaphone and photograph like the head, monitor at any time every passenger on machine. Once they are discovered to appear to be lifted unusually, if use toilet often, ambulate back and forth inside engine room etc, the personnel that install check will make analysis and response instantly.
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