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Tianjin - 3 inferior

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Headline news: Special offer airline ticket
City setting out: Tianjin
Reach a city: 3 inferior
Newest special offer: 1100 (is one-way, do not contain tax)
Original price: 2200
Discount rate: Lowermost discount
Right business door service is voting

Release time: 2008-8-28 13:46:16
Period of efficacy comes: 2008-10-27
Ticket Wu business: Special offer airline ticket- - fine horse amounts to a service, forefathers one pace!
Order ticket phone: 13710440702
Release a person: Ms. Wang
Mailing address:

Define address of ticket business Blog: Http://

It is price of discount of partial airline ticket below: (the price is with phone or QQ inquiry definitely) Guangzhou - 510 yuan of Guangzhou of Beijing - Chengdu 260 yuan of Guangzhou - Chongqing 240 yuan of Guangzhou - 380 yuan of Guangzhou of Shanghai - Wuhan 190 yuan of Guangzhou - 240 yuan of Guangzhou of Nanjing - Qingdao 620 yuan of Guangzhou - Xi'an 450 yuan of Guangzhou - Tianjin---Hangzhou 210 yuan of Guangzhou - Changchun 730 yuan of Guangzhou - Harbin 890 yuan of Guangzhou - big talk 140 yuan of Guangzhou - Guiyang 260 yuan of Guangzhou - Dalian 620 yuan of Guangzhou - Shenyang 690 yuan of Guangzhou - Lanzhou 570 yuan of payment: 1. Inside this city send a bill freely, the ticket arrives pay, can the airport takes a bank note 2. Other place and foreign client money arrive a ticket, can the airport takes a bank note. Hotline 020-84661295. " multi-line " 13710440702 of 020-33725421 Guangzhou phone. QQ: 834744870. Beijing: 010- 51282018 83352688 lands please in detail: Http:// warmth hints: Guangzhou airport shifts to an earlier date 30 minutes close down manage boards the plane amount of < of airline ticket of formalities special offer is limited > do not make sure every guest can buy special offer airline ticket to shift to an earlier date please 4- - 10 days are booked

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