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Tianjin - Shenzhen
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Tianjin - Shenzhen indulgence price is one-way 3 fold sheet to go or it is OK that sheet is answered

Use date will arrive on July 1 on July 30

Use airline: Does a bell-shaped percussion instrument criticize sb's faults frankly charming exhibits  ?

Remarks:  of  of  of a kind of net used for fishing or for dredging up river sludge of Mi of take along sth to sb occasionally? adds airline to will move the price on the whole after July 10, the indulgence seat of the airliner is finite, ask you to be ordered as soon as possible,

Market analysis:

Although airline was announced 3 change bargain price, but the airliner circumstance of the first ten days of a month is quite in short supply. Reckon in July the last ten-day of a month arrives likely 3 fold