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Enlarge a network to avoid to compete each are big aviation greets aviation alli

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Although loss is severe, but international course still was carried the program of outback airline. Last weekend, the reporter learns from civil aviaton total bureau, inc. of China International aviation (the following abbreviation " country boat " ) formal application Beijing comes the passenger line of class of a place of strategic importance.

Actually this is not a country boat act. Up to now, outback airline had applied for 10 international guest this year cargo line. And Inc. of Chinese southern aviation (the following abbreviation " Na Hang " ) it is to come out more message, 10 international line will open inside year this year.

Enlarge a network to avoid to compete

"Apply for international course, basically be to joining aviation alliance actually before, enlarge the network position of the company. " yesterday, personage of outback airline interior discloses to the reporter, besides can do some more good-lookingly on route network plan outside, still increased with the competition ability that is the same as allied company.

If do not give an accident, boat and Na Hang will be in the country to join sky alliance and day formally to join alliance respectively this year, and Dong Hang also came out last year with extensive region eaves " red is heard " . Alliance of 3 big aviation is in international China position is finished already basically.

Boat president Li Jiaxiang represents the state, competition of world aviation industry is added increasingly drama, an any airline rely on the market with the force bigger seek of oneself completely impossibly, should live the collaboration that development is about to develop a variety of forms, include multilateral allied cooperation. Join aviation alliance, airline can make full use of allied and powerful combination purchases ability, lower price is obtained when purchasing part of oil plants, plane and even aircraft, reduce airline operation cost.

"Joining aviation alliance is ' Shuang Renjian ' , while domestic boat authority is opened ceaselessly, allied associate will become a competitor, " the personage inside relevant course of study expresses, join alliance to also need to pay the respect such as IT, safe to the enterprise operation, business affairs, sale to undertake conformity is mixed improve, reach international level " cost " .

Boat authority negotiation is crucial

"How the strategic program that layout route network wants to treat him airline, but boat authority is main problem, " to this, taiwan China airline is stationed in inland to always tell a reporter on behalf of Liu Naihang, aviation alliance basically is the global complementary alliance that forms by each area airline.

The fact is such really, sino-US boat authority is clear case. While for in beautiful square airline Sino-US course quota of people smashs a head almost, square airline appears to inspect its all the time however in chicken ribs.

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