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Russia hopeful becomes Hainan ground of passenger source of the first travel
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Than growing 44% , travel is achieved collect even more 98 million dollars, grow 62.3% compared to the same period.

Zhang Qi says, this year first half of the year, international tourist fill Hainan travel is off-season market empty shelves, the tourist recieves a quantity the biggest is Korea, Russia, Japan. Among them with Russia tourist amplitude the biggest, 6 months welcome Russia visitor in all thirty-six thousand seven hundred and thirteen person-time, grow 186.73% compared to the same period. The estimation inside course of study, russia tourist hopeful of Lai Qiong breaks through 50 thousand person-time this year, hopeful becomes Hainan country of passenger source of the biggest travel.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, russia tourist recieves a quantity to grow considerably, on one hand market of travel of profit from Hainan " 4 black " special punish, make travel market environment gets improving apparently, tourist satisfaction rate rises ceaselessly; On one hand the activity of special travel sales promotion that Hainan increased pair of Russia markets this year, what promoted Hainan to be in Russia further is famous degree; Additional, enter a country favourably what policy and more go back and forth between course is enlightened, also created a condition to attract Russia tourist. (Be over)