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Buy airline ticket to keep away from twice as far as possible height

"In passenger flow fastigium, airline ticket price is average on the high side, and cannot buy a ticket possibly still! " according to double shed the airport to concern personage introduction, "51 " around, the airport predicts to will appear twice passenger flow height, will come to will appear on May 2 on April 29 height of first time passenger flow, will appear the 2nd times to 8 days on May 5 height of return passenger flow. Accordingly, "51 " go out to be able to keep away from twice this as far as possible all right height.

Airport personage still warns a citizen, will rise on May 1, double the regulation that sheds the airport to will press civil aviaton total bureau, the liquid state article that to leaving a port passenger place carries is in rigid limitation 1 litre of less than, and pack to its also made relevant demand. If the citizen needs to inquire airliner information, can dial the airport to ask ask the phone 85205333.

The airline ticket with the cheapest ○

Go to Beijing bypass Tianjin airline ticket most the photograph because

Although gold is big,case of the price of a ticket of the plane between holiday rises to already was become substantially " convention " , but introduce according to some airline selling manager, be like much collect a few information, also can buy relatively cheap discount airline ticket. The reporter understands from each airline yesterday at present the most inexpensive airline ticket information:

The eastern side: Chengdu, Shanghai, lowest has 4.5 to lose airline ticket, ration of class of each airline morning and evening sells.

South: Chengdu, Shenzhen lowest has 3 to lose airline ticket, you Haihang is rolled out, go Cheng airliner date must be before May 4;

In the west: Chengdu, Xi'an, Cheng of couplet of channel of 9 stockaded village is more favourable, chengdu, Xi'an paragraph lowest 5 fold, xi'an, 9 stockaded village paragraph lowest is 2 fold.

Northern part: Chengdu, Beijing, go to Tianjin by air first, the bus that takes 80 minutes next heads for Beijing. Airline ticket of ferry of Chengdu flying Apsaras is only 2 fold, and the bus that goes to Beijing is free, aviation offers this favourable fare You Aokai, daily and favourable amount has restriction.

Additional, on May 1 around, the home such as Beijing of Chengdu non-stop flight to, Guangzhou, Xi'an's main lowermost ticket price is 5 fold, chengdu flying Kunming, 3 inferior, Guilin lowest is 8 fold, fly to channel of 9 stockaded village, Li Jiang, Lhasa to be total value.