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Shrink of base of moon of discount of Tianjin airline ticket
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A few days ago, the railway ministry was released railroad heat carries this year plan. Summer vacation time was carried 2008 come to will stop on August 31 since July 1, add up to 62 days. Railroad of predicting whole nation will send a guest 283.4 million person-time, increase 25.28 million person-time compared to the same period, grow 9.8% .

Distance heat carry still does not have this year, from Tianjin city branch of each big long-distance passenger transportation learns 21 days, tianjin city heat carries passenger flow will increase somewhat than in former years this year, swim besides brigade passenger flow, student passenger flow, visit one's family outside passenger flow, olympic Games passenger flow also will join heat in carry main forces.

Airline ticket discount shifts to an earlier date shrink

Civil aviaton branch expresses, passenger volume of civil aviaton of summer vacation time predicts to will amount to 31 million person this year, grow 18% to control compared to the same period. Tianjin serves as Beijing 2008 the Olympic Games advocate fall the airport, predicting passenger flow will grow apparently. From Tianjin airline ticket the representative is in know 21 days, airline ticket low discount is about to end, to the end of this month under the 5 bills that lose will very little.

As we have learned, june, the airliner of flying Guangzhou of many airline Tianjin, Shenzhen, Shanghai appeared case of 3 convert into money. After price is being moved by June, outside dividing age aviation, the fare of course of other airline flying Shenzhen, Shanghai promotes mostly 6 to 7 fold, guangzhou course fare also promotes 5 fold the left and right sides. In addition, the airliner that flies to the travel heat city such as Kunming, Hangzhou, Xiamen from this city at present is very hot, lowermost discount is maintained mostly in 7 to 8 fold.