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Great war of airline ticket price erupts
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Feng Jun of general manager of business department of age aviation Nanjing is new tell a reporter, spring after carry ends, at present aviation market was entered off-season, for passenger source of race to control this company Shenyang - Nanjing - the course of Shenyang pushs bill of 99 yuan of special offer again on the foundation of original low ticket.

They put 99 yuan on the scale that from every airliner the seat ground that 30 % take out in 70 many seats differs respectively, in 299 yuan of fare with 399 yuan, the hope stimulates the market to let more passenger enjoy the treatment of low ticket through this second sales promotion.

Medicinal powder the guest enjoys organization fare

Will rise on March 25, always buy the passenger that Nanjing will go back and forth between Guilin airline ticket before the bottom in April to be able to be enjoyed in business ministry of Shanghai Airline Nanjing 5. 5 lose privilege, fare 1200 yuan.

Relevant personage tells a reporter, as the addition of amount of passenger of go on a journey, the airliner that at present Nanjing flies to Guilin is very close spruce. But because have Dong Hang and Na Hang only at present,two airline give a bill, compare fire plus passenger flow, make case resides airline ticket price not to fall high all the time, lowest also is in 7 fold, fare 780 yuan.

Nanjing flies to the passenger of Guilin to be given priority to with tourism group commonly, wait for the situation that 3 airline will form to contend for passenger source after Shanghai Airline enters this line.

For race to control more market share, shanghai Airline rolls out the organization airline ticket with inviting price to broad passenger, the guest that lets do not join tourism group also can enjoy special offer airline ticket.

Price of single monthly ticket 3 tuck up carry out

Inside this month, the airline ticket that always buys Nanjing to fly to Shenzhen from deep boat can be enjoyed 3 fold, fare 410 yuan. Come since today on March 24, the fare that buys Nanjing to fly to Tianjin airline ticket from Na Hang also can be enjoyed 3 lose privilege, fare 260 yuan.

Zhang Jing of manager of department of ship passenger traffic tells a reporter south, the airline ticket that the boat austral the airliner of ferry of Nanjing flying Apsaras will take out 80 % with put on sale of division of 3 convert into money, the fare that always buys a ticket buys a ticket ahead of schedule as far as possible, if bought a ticket that day, the price wants rise relatively one part, and buy the 3 fares that discount airline ticket will cannot enjoy an autograph to turn, change the service with return a ticket.

As we have learned, since March 25, boat Jiangsu branch is east on the base that retains original line to be not decreased, besides every week 2, 5, outside two line that day adds Nanjing to fly to Ning Bo and Zhuhai, still will restore Nanjing - Xi'an - Lanzhou and Nanjing - Xiamen - the course of city of another name for Jiangxi Province.
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