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Air China Chongqing Branch presented to the ten poor students free tickets
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The afternoon of December 2, Chongqing University, awarded the ten poor students with good academic performance of Air China Limited (Air China Limited, referred to as "Air China") Chongqing Branch donated the free tickets. Students who go home for the winter air, put up a thoroughfare, but also further highlights the Chongqing branch of Air China public-spirited, with a strong sense of social responsibility of a good public image. Ten poor students free tickets donated In the afternoon, Chongqing University Huxi campus academic report hall, full of people, warm atmosphere. Organized by the Chongqing branch of Air China "into a major - Air Care" activities, attracting many students are invited to join. Air China Chongqing Branch Vice President Chen literature, Chongqing, vice president of business Hande awarded to the ten poor students free tickets, so that they can save travel expenses, as soon as possible during the holidays with their families. Chen, vice president, said Air China Chongqing Branch has always been adhering to the large central enterprises of social responsibility, disaster relief, emergency rescue transport overseas compatriots, and many other aspects of the Beijing Olympic Games sponsors have made outstanding contributions. Loving eyes on this year then in trouble, students make progress in providing free tickets to the best students, but also for those interested in students who engaged in civil aviation to provide an understanding of the civil aviation platform. Xinjiang, a student will receive a ticket force Hatti Parkinson said that as the family farm for a living, each home to train hard seat tickets are purchased. "Back home again 46 hours to get the next train legs are swollen." Fly home for the first time this year, he was very excited and look forward to, heart full of gratitude to Air China. Flight attendants to promote e-commerce show etiquette For college students in close contact with the network characteristics, business department of Air China Chongqing university students introduced to the online ticketing, self-help took the opportunity to register, call centers and other Air China e-commerce products, and an interactive quiz to start at the scene. Students of this discount is low, discount big and buy tickets online without leaving home expressed great interest, on-site response is very enthusiastic. To further enhance students understanding of civil aviation are on display the brand of Air China, Chongqing branch beautiful flight attendants also came to the scene. Silver Eagle crew of three flight attendants dressed in business wear on stage crew for a neat presentation ceremony posture. Sweet smile, standard position, professional accomplishment, are the envy of and appreciation for the students. Subsequently, the crew invited the audience to experience the students come back to the crew of a career - imitation attendant service etiquette. Students learn to imitate high spirits on stage and received a beautiful airplane model as a gift, but also led to an amazed voice of the scene, the atmosphere to a climax. Membership Development at the door Students return home for winter demand, business department of Air China Chongqing is also the lecture hall at the entrance booth to promote the establishment of the Air, field ticketing and e-commerce experience, and buy for the students to provide a preferential policy. Booth was surrounded by a watertight students, winter vacation home we have advice and online booking discount ticket matters. Many students have completed the membership application card, Concert, and some advice from the Air issue up details of recruitment. In the afternoon more than 300 were collected Concert membership application information, and scene of the draw for the lucky students sent to the Air China aircraft model. Chongqing University, Chongqing branch of Air China as a signatory to major customers, have maintained good relations of cooperation. The "into a major - Air Care" activities, to further deepen the good relations between the two sides, but also to seize the client resources, to promote e-commerce products Air China once again step out of the innovation.