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Can fight particularly -- Xiamen Airline Chongqing does business sidelights of j

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They did not share the joyance of copolymerization the natural bonds and ethical relationships between members of a family with family, accept the airliner job that left to wade to be adjusted temporarily bright and clearly however; They aux would rather they starve, serve warmth attentively however the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year's Day gives the people of travel; They are busy, it is however can " get hurt " plane as soon as possible remands blue sky and cheer caper -- they are business ministries of Xiamen Airline Chongqing such a flock of most angel. Someone says, they are the screw that post stands fast in the festival, also someone says, they are this long holidays blossomming the most beautiful winter jasmine is beautiful...

Danger affection is a command

On Feburary 24 towards evening, a hurried phone ring is transmitted from spot of airport of Chongqing river north, just problem of bequeath of passenger of incur loss through delay of class of the night flight or navigation before Xiamen returns processing to be over and the Xiamen Airline Chongqing that has not closed a key point overnight sinks immediately in heart of flourish of Xuwei of business department general manager, "Thing giving what? " the phone carries then hurried transmit the report that is stationed in a delegate Xiaojiang: "Breakdown of right hair of MF8413 plane be born, need urgent stop a platoon reason, change hair! " it is a there are no waves without wind really, one just fell one rises again. Shi Fengchun carries, the day utilization rate of the plane is extremely high, and class of airliner passenger class explodes full, need not saying to handle passenger incur loss through delay is a headachy thing, join company flight number outer station is changed hair is OK saying is little little, how to have an accident on this vital link? The Xu Zong that grim fact makes spent birthday that day locks up brows closely, his demur did not say to catch a phone recall to be incur loss through delay of processing passenger scheduled flight before today likewise rapidly the to day break selling manager that did not close a key point and driver Zhao Yong drive for a short while go to the spot...

Below nocturnal dusk, b-2529 date plane resembles getting hurt only the lanneret that folds a wing bends over quietly lie in await machine building first on aircraft parking area, await her master wait to see a doctor pressingly. Danger affection is a command, the spot forms working party quickly temporarily, cooperate aircrew closely to call a company to always be signed instantly on one hand, after asking for those who get a company to agree a group of dispatch of spy of rush to repair that forms temporarily by 28 aircraft crew at was being moved partly at 10 o'clock that evening machine touch to Chongqing... contact safeguard to change from Chengdu carry on one hand the car of engine and the pass of machine level ground of all machine Wu personnel...

Want to be able to fly only, even if fold a few to also be worth then back and forth again

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