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Do not wish to bury sheet for the person

Two companies one paper indictment tells two people the court, the requirement pays place to owe airline ticket money in all 7730 yuan. Tell to say formerly, will come on Feburary 27 last year on March 12, sun Ling buys airline ticket of 8 pieces of electrons through be being booked on incoming telegram or net early or late, the credit card that uses Li Yan paid afore-mentioned fee. Two companies are being accepted obligation giving a bill is fulfilled after booking, seize the opportunity the person also used airline ticket normally. Refuse payment offers to the bank because of Li Yan after afore-mentioned money, via be being coordinated for many times not if really, sue then to the court, requirement plum is delayed and Sun Ling pays place to owe airline ticket money to two accuser in all 7730 yuan. In cognizance, because cannot provide Sun Ling's exact identity case, cancel of the company that carry Cheng, China Cheng company is right of Sun Ling sue.

Argue of Li Yan criterion says, airline ticket is booked person and seize the opportunity actually average per capita is not him himself, sun Ling do sth without authorization uses the credit card of other to order the conduct of airline ticket, be pair of other belongings have no right punish. The appeal of reason accuser does not have factual basis, li Yan does not agree with the lawsuit of accuser to request.

The person that hold card is responsible

The court is found out via cognizance, sun Ling fastens insider of the company that carry Cheng, when she orders a ticket through be on the net, offerred to the company that carry Cheng seize the opportunity Id number of the person, choose payment to pay a ticket the money to hold the credit card of calorie of factitious Li Yan, also provided the information such as the card number of this credit card, password. The company that carry Cheng entrusts China Cheng company to give a bill then, inform by China Cheng company the bank deducts a money, the person boarded the plane to use this airline ticket normally after the success that deduct a money. The court thinks, li Yan has appropriate to keep credit card reachs the obligation of the information inside card as credit card holder, showing Li Yan to did not offer evidence to prove Sun Ling is the pertinent information that obtains him through illegal means, reason plum delays argue to say Sun Ling has no right to be in minute of behavior court not to grant to collect a letter. Accuser carries Cheng company and China Cheng company to all already arrived to noticed obligation relevantly to be fulfilled book reach obligation giving a bill, li Yan should assume reason pay compulsory.

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