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Heavy snow causes Shenyang airport to close all airliners cannot rise fall

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LiaoningSince experience entered a winter last year oneself the biggest a snowfall, causeShenyangThe International Airport is in peach celestial being 4 days 8 when make be forced to close, all airliners cannot rise fall.

According to Shenyang peach celestial being International Airport spot directs central introduction, because snowfall is too big, visibility is too poor, track is wet slip, the airport is forced to shut. Forecast according to previous atmosphere, the airport former on 4 days 10 when open 30 minutes afresh, but snowfall lasts all the time and increase gradually, cause the airport to continue to shut, when to open still cannot decide. Up to 4 days 10 when, 5 airliners fail approach, 20 airliners fail to leave a port, 2 airliners cancel, nearly 1000 passengers stop in the airport. Current, the freeway that leads to the airport from Shenyang urban district closes, go needing circuitous and other way toward the airport.

Atmosphere branch introduces, this snowfall will arrive 4 days continuously all the time nightly. Shenyang general occurrence blizzard, DalianHeavy rain arrives in the area the snow in turning, Red eastThe area turns to rainstorm greatly heavy snow, The rising sun, Bright and beautiful cityArea heavy snow local blizzard turns light snow. Till the reporter distributes news dispatches, the snowfall of Shenyang area still is in continuously, wind-force is very big, it is very difficult that motor vehicle and person walk.

Shenyang peach celestial being the International Airport is one of airports of hub of 6 large area that total bureau of Chinese civil aviaton plans, it is Liaoning of mid city common the airport, radiation population 2400 much. Have line at present 83, the course inside its China 51, international and area course 32, 2006, airport passenger handling capacity achieves 5.33 million person-time.

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