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The raise on all fronts of airline ticket of flying Beijing airliner

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The airline ticket that Beijing goes to before Shenzhen maintains mostly in 6 fold above, with this course is returned before a week 3 lose airline ticket " all over the sky flutters " circumstance widely different. Enter after August, this course airline ticket is locked up mostly be in surely 7 ~ the 8 level that break, before kicking off as to the Olympic Games 3 days, deep wide two ground receive Beijing airline ticket, it is OK to have except a few airliner still 9 is fold book, it is total value bank note almost. Outside dividing Beijing, shenzhen comes the Olympic Games such as island of emperor of Tianjin, Qingdao, the Qin Dynasty assist the airline ticket price that runs a city also rises somewhat. For example, airline ticket of ferry of Shenzhen flying Apsaras is in basically 6 fold above, to island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty do not hit basically during the Olympic Games fold, all be total value.

Basis Shenzhen reachs Beijing total value bank note 1750 yuan, 8 fold 1400 yuan to calculate, add the airport to build accumulative total of surtax of cost, fuel 200 yuan, the citizen heads for Beijing to watch the Olympic Games by plane from Shenzhen, smooth travelling expenses is in at least 3000 yuan of above.

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