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Price of hotel of the airline ticket after the Olympic Games is moved toward

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Information of Tianjin airline ticket

As the Olympic Games conclude, price of airline ticket giving capital begins to rise somewhat, in the meantime, collective also fall after a rise reachs price of Beijing region public house the level before contest.

According to industry report, the domestic travel market that depresses somewhat before this will begin to be released stage by stage in September, pull rising is off-season originally passenger source will be measured in September, partial travel agent is expected Olympic Games place will be started to swim in October, capture this year only the gold of remnant (185, - 0.06, - 0.03%) week business chance.

Price of hotel of Beijing airline ticket goes greatly

"Begin now, the level before the price of our hotel restores an Olympic Games, it is 2000 yuan of one night probably, during the Olympic Games, our guest room price is 10 thousand multivariate overnight. " staff of department of market of Beijing China old hotel tells daily paper, from begin these days, already had many empty houses.

Partial economy hotel is mirrorred, sell 4 digit word the guest room of one night during the Olympic Games originally, restored hundreds of yuan of one night at present. is high-end hotel no matter medium still end, economy hotel, from begin at present, the price mostly apparent fall after a rise, also have on passenger source structure very major key is whole. What enter during the Olympic Games is the guest that watch game mostly, business affairs guest will become mainstream client again henceforth.

Meanwhile, the airline ticket price that Beijing leaves a port presents a disparate case. 24 a few days ago, beijing leaves a port airline ticket price is basic and stable, but after Olympic Games closure, the price rises quickly, reach peak, maintain the left and right sides.

The reporter books a system to be checked from viatic net airline ticket, arrive all the time since 24 days by the month, the airline ticket price that Beijing reachs Guangzhou is in basically 9 fold to total value between; 25 a few days ago, beijing still has 4 to lose airline ticket to Shanghai lowest, 25 days, the airline ticket price of Beijing consummate sea, be in except a few airliner 8 to 9 outside folding, basic total value; Since 24 days, beijing is in to the airline ticket price of Shenzhen 9 fold or total value, last to the end of the month. The airline ticket price that 25 day Beijing reach Hangzhou from before 6 to 8 fold, rise 8 fold to total value. Additional, after the Olympic Games concludes two arrive 3 days inside, the seat of airliner of and other places of sea of Beijing flying upgrade, Guangzhou is booked rate is constant also go tall, the part is popular the circumstance of insecurity of course occurrence airline ticket.

"As a result of Olympic Games closure hind, personnel of the athlete that plays Olympic Games game in great quantities, service and the nonlocal audience concentration that watch Olympic Games game leave Beijing, this brings about Beijing to leave a port to increase of the number in great quantities directly, airline ticket rises in price also is inevitable result. " Zhang Wei of chief inspector of business of viatic net airline ticket says.

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