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Representative of Tianjin airline ticket is faced with new regulation to let con

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After afterwards cancels paper airline ticket, agent of domestic airline ticket will encounter a again " door of life and death " . Will rise on October 1, airline ticket representative is expended " 3 X " brigadier of mark of airline ticket commission by thoroughly terminative, those who replace is airline negotiates scale of commission of airline ticket representative with acting company directly. This is meant, the old guild regulations that has continued 21 years will be replaced by new guild regulations, market of representative of Tianjin town airline ticket will is faced with afresh " shuffle " .

New rule makes commission move toward " the market "

Come for years, in the real operation of industry of airline ticket representative, "3 X " the guild regulations that commission terms of payment is acquiesce. Among them, "3 " 3% what point to par value, "X " arrange a part for acting both sides. Occupy the personage inside course of study to divulge, inside industry of airline ticket representative, recessive " X " commission deduct a percentage from a sum of money is achieved generally 1% to 3% , some achieves 20% above even, far the 3% standards that tower above sets. Such, every market the agent a piece of airline ticket can be extracted 5% to the commission of 6% . If appear like emerge,usury embellish makes greatly small representative orgnaization, active market of Tianjin city aviation, but also make the service quality of acting enterprise uneven, appear even a few do not have aptitude " black representative " , cause disorder of market of representative of domestic airline ticket.

Representative of Tianjin airline ticket is faced with " shuffle "

After new rule comes on stage, the personage inside course of study thinks generally, sell the sale way that will make increasing airline favor continuously, this will compress the space of airline ticket sale agent further, especially in of close-up all agent live pressure will be very great.

Woods of gold of chairman of guild of carriage sale agent of the aviation that occupy town introduces, to the airline ticket agent of different dimensions, the commission that airline gives is different, the commission proportion that the agent with larger scale wins is higher. And these big agents are OK middleman's fee medium one part returns a passenger, if buy airline ticket to send the airport to build accident insurance of cost, aviation to wait, this is right in small agent will tell, it is lethal competitive weapon undoubtedly.

Jin Shulin says, the airline ticket that reachs Shanghai with Tianjin is exemple, general 3 lose a bill every pieces have 310 yuan only, the commission of 3% has acting company only 9.3 yuan. And acting company besides should send a ticket to come, still get the pay such as the manpower that pays a company with this commission, material resources, presence is very large live pressure. Nevertheless Jin Shulin thinks, short-term inside the effect of new rule won't be too apparent, industry " shuffle " the phenomenon will be shown gradually after period of time.

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