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Perfect route network will open Qingdao airport inside year Russian course

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The reporter learns from Qingdao airport, aviation of Russia far east plans to open Qingdao this year to Habaluofusike course, big new China rapid movement plans to open Tianjin -- Qingdao -- airliner of Ning Bo freight, ao Kai aviation plans to open Beijing -- Qingdao -- Hangzhou airliner; Hopeful is returned to open Euramerican freight flight number inside year, at the appointed time the route network of Qingdao airport will more hasten is perfect.

As we have learned, current, divide Dong Hang, Shan Hang outside two base airline, already had a state dragon of boat of sky of boat, Na Hang, Shanghai Airline, deep boat, Hai Hang, full day, day, big Han, Han Ya, harbor in all airline of 20 China and foreign countries is in blueness creates business department, qingdao airport opens domestic line in all 78, international and area course 14, 47 towns of home of be open to navigation or air traffic and international and area 8 cities.

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