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Safety of carry of air force of boat of Tibet of boat southwest branch runs the

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Safety of carry of air force of boat of Tibet of implementation of boat southwest branch runs the country 20 years

Boat southwest branch carries the state construction of normalization of aggrandizement aviation military transport, perfect and downy course each lash-up beforehand case, ceaseless innovation characteristic serves content, the safety with high quality, on schedul and service level realized operation of Tibetan military transport smoothly 20 years, obtained double bumper harvest of social benefit and economic benefits.

To improve the motor-driven condition of Tibetan army, in November 1987, branch of southwest of boat of country of hire of Chengdu military region 707 planes undertook 2 Boeing military transport of experimental sex aviation gained a success, be in 89 years army will whole new veteran and airborne job is handed in carry out by the branch, make dimensions of acceptance of consignment of army of this company calendar year is on first place of boat of the whole people. Southwest branch takes aviation military transport seriously to work very much, regard it as mission of a politics will finish. Organizing every year new veteran and airborne when, this company establishs army carry technically to head a group, hold the position of a group leader by the vise general manager that is in charge of safe production, set main 2 class unit is unified by production control room director holds the position of this unit director of army carry office, realized the organic union of job of movement of boat air force and safe production thereby. Their firm is caught army make carriage normalization construction, always weave via carrying out experience seriously and allotted " collection of data of aviation military transport " , build perfect system of regulations of each army transport, formed scientific and efficient management system stage by stage, in always hind in reaching civil aviaton total bureau to be checked greatly, be judged to be " military transport normalization is advanced unit " . At the same time this company insists to carry needs the example, principle that closes to example, carry example is united in wedlock in order to carry, for chance designedly with carry arms the organization ensures personnel to begin drilling, through strict choose and assessment, establish organizing 1500 more than person into, among them the army carry major that record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning exceeds 5 to become ensures a rank. Downy flight team and group are made construct domestic scale in exert oneself on the foundation of group of the greatest downy aircraft, boat southwest branch opens the country early or late by Lhasa, prosperous, Lin Zhi airport only then hair course more than 10, especially open up Chengdu -- prosperous, prosperous -- Lhasa two course, ended Tibet not to have the history of the course inside the area, solved prosperous the difficult problem that area force pass in and out conceals, now country boat southwest branch already can the 8 ground city of 5 direction to Tibet 3 ground are carried out at the same time airborne, formed campaign basically airborne ability.

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