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Bright remove the 2nd height returning Beijing after receiving a red-letter day

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In throwing passenger flow organization and firn to sweep the job, enhanced pair of circuit switch mainly sweep, reach a peak in the light of return passenger, those who strengthen places of pair of station of pass in and out defend slippery work. Because two stations platform is the canopy that do not have column, impact of snow of accept a surrender accept a surrender is not big. The railroad equipment branch such as labour Wu, signal strengthens equipment perambulatory, increase be on duty force, prevent equipment malfunction to affect normal drive a vehicle.

Beijing railroad bureau says about chief, tianjin city also general falls in snow, agency of Tianjin of Beijing railroad bureau started snowfall to answer instantly beforehand case. Worker of Tianjin station cadre from 3 when only then hurry to Tianjin in succession temporarily guest station and Tianjin north station sweep snow, the key strengthened platform, passageway giving a station, crossover to wait outdoor expose place sweep prevent slippery processing, avoid a passenger to fall.

According to the railway ministry forecast, railroad spring carries the 2nd height is will come on March 6 9

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