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Civil aviaton passenger flow drops airline ticket begins to hit fold
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End from the festival of lanterns, day of discharge of Nanning airport guest drops on average 1000 person-time above. The airport expresses yesterday, partial airline begins to roll out 8 fold to the 9 airline ticket that lose.

Till yesterday, nanning airport maintains except airliner of harbor of pass in and out during the Spring Festival everyday outside 70 many orders, seize the opportunity the passenger begins progressively fall after a rise, discharge of nearly 3 days of guests drops on average everyday 1000 person-time above. The airport one staff member thinks, this and festival of lanterns already passed, end of student return to school after the vacation is concerned.

According to the airport relevant personnel is forecasted, of the end that flows as laborer shedding, student and departmental door unit go to work normally, airport airliner passenger still can decrease somewhat. But he expresses at the same time, guest discharge won't have too big change, because airline begins at present,roll out dozen lose airline ticket. It is reported, come to will stop on March 7, the airliner that sets out from Nanning reachs the course airline ticket with little flight of little part flight number to cannot be hit except 70 the following and small-sized planes outside folding, the others was hit 8 fold to 9 lose the value between.