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Lead Chinese shift to pay tide nimble silver Anhui of development of promotion o
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Aviation of international of no less than carries association total a secretary in charge of sth to hold presiding apparitor concurrently to express so than Xiniyani, all member firm comes true to use the end of system of electronic airline ticket completely before international aviation carries association to plan to be by 2007, china already gained huge success in this respect, hopeful becomes the first state that achieves this goal.

Electronic airline ticket regards a kind of new airline ticket as mode, getting gain ground and be popularizinged applied gradually in China. The near future, in Anhui, domestic electron pays silver of expert Shanghai nimble and Hefei Liu Hai center of ticket of empty carry out was rolled out jointly " the mobile phone buys airline ticket to give assurance " activity, every user is in center of ticket of carry out of land sea air to buy airline ticket, pay the airline ticket that finish the disbursement of the paragraph through phone bank or short message, can obtain give to keep the specified number 400 thousand yuan insurance.

If consumer wants to buy airline ticket of nimble silver-colored electron, need simple bank card to bind only register surely, can pass phone bank or the short message pays wait for means to complete the process that order a ticket, the user can board the plane by effective certificate. The user of Anhui area can seek advice from 0551-2619292 of nimble silver customer service to enquire a detail. Service of airline ticket of nimble silver-colored electron also is in Chongqing, Anhui, Shanghai, Guangdong to wait for each countrywide areas to undertake popularizing an activity in succession at the same time.

Silver-colored staff member introduces nimble, because pass a mobile phone to buy electronic airline ticket to need not collect ready money, usable still even credit card overdraws buy, the client queues up to buy a ticket or await ticket Wu company less also to come to send the trival link such as the ticket, need not fear airline ticket is missing more, the consumer that comes round to seek advice is convenient to this kind, quick order ticket new way to express special reception. The airline ticket that offers in the light of a lot of passengers submits an expense account the problem of the proof, they express, the passenger buys electronic airline ticket to be able to get aviation to carry monoculture of journey of electronic passenger ticket to be submit an expense account proof, removed of many passengers be anxious and apprehension. In addition, this staff member discloses, at present already a large number of passengers move through nimble silver terms of payment buys electronic airline ticket, formed a batch " old client " .

Get as what domestic shift pays a domain army enterprise, nimble silver devotes oneself to shift to pay the development of the industry all the time, explored successfully pay in order to move for core, the phone pays, Internet pays the diversity electron that waits for means photograph union to pay mode, at present already wide application fills capture of Wu of ticket of value, electron, common cause at the telephone bill of the numerous domain such as card of cost, number, lottery pay, user amount has exceeded 100 much, course of study of person of the same trade is in on business dimensions banner level. And the business of electronic airline ticket that nimble silver is popularizing energetically is an electron pay an industry to increase the fastest field.
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