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Airline ticket discount dives considerably
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The festival of lanterns just passed, aviation carriage market is greeted instantly off-season. From much home airline ticket acting orgnaization learns yesterday, airline ticket booked a quantity to already dropped 50 % above, each airline airline ticket dives substantially, appeared even the 2.5 low discount fare that discount.

As we have learned, dot of representative of airline ticket of Kunming much home signs up for the value of near future airline ticket that give to begin to go low in the round: Kunming already fell to the airline ticket of the heat airliner such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen 6 fold, kunming is consummate sea airline ticket even 4 fold can buy, kunming also falls to the airline ticket of northeast direction 5.5 fold. In airline ticket of the total value bank note buys very hard Chengdu between cycle of Spring Festival gold, Chongqing, recently 3 days are to fall directly more 2.5 fold.

From sea boat Kunming at the same time business ministry learns, its will exceed low discount airline ticket at be being rolled out since now. Will come on March 8 Kunming flying Xi'an is low on March 20 to 2.5 fold, make former 1050 yuan total value airline ticket, lowest falls reach 260 yuan (do not contain fuel surtax and airport construction cost, be the same as after) , will come on March 8 lowest of price of wave of Kunming flying peace will fall on March 23 reach 540 yuan.

According to introducing, the amount of special offer airline ticket that invests because of every airliner is limited, hai Hang reminds the guest that has a travel plan to need to be bought ahead of schedule. The passenger that requires the airline ticket that order can dial hot line of 24 hours of services 950718, 7113846 seek advice buy, or order through Kunming area agent.