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Imprint in 2007 travel is friendly year
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, grew 14.6% than going up one year. Last year the end of the year, jidanbalamu of Indian finance minister is opposite when Indian economy progress reviewed 2006, make clear express, "Tourism has made the industry of important rising sun that promotes Indian economy development " .

Huge market drove the development of Indian society all trades and professions. At present tourism is industry of the 2nd great service, its dimensions is next to an Indian to bring think to line of business is included outside the software that be proud. And " Indian times " economy of published industry of an India nation studies commission report makes clear, indian tourism is right of gross domestic product achieved with indirect contribution directly near 6% , mix directly indirect exceed 42 million from trade number, occupy the 9% above of population of countrywide total obtain employment.

In capital Xin Deli and commercial city Bombay, greatly small travel agent resembles emerge opening the door euqally consecutively with the company that rent a car do business, the business special fiery. A company director that has car of many 40 travel tells " round-the-world times " reporter, the tourist team that he welcomes now had exceeded a company bear limits, "All car are expedited, and the phone of travel agent still is called ceaselessly. " hotel industry posture is compared under criterion more " the person is completely suffer from " , according to Indian media coverage, at present the housing of public house of home waiting for number booked new Deliaobuluoyi to had been discharged May, a lot of did not shift to an earlier date the tourist of ready-made arrived Indian classics regular meeting is encountered " one house is begged hard " predicament.

The dimensions of Indian tourism not very conspicuous: In the big cake of global tourism, the share that Indian place holds has 0.52% only; Be in annual the growth rate backside of 10% above, of tourist of 400 much foreign countries and Macao of the corresponding period 22 million, the 9.5 million photograph of Singapore goes very far, and according to the research of Indian tourism report place says, this one word " the Indian that returns an a lot of resident abroad went back and forth between India to also calculate foreign tourist for many times " .

But on the other hand, india also has his advantage to invite Macao or Singapore too inferior to bear comparison likewise: The tourist amount that comes from western country held the majority proportion of foreign tourist, a lot of west tourists are very infatuate to Indian culture, the development perspective of Indian travel market is very wide; The average retention period in India compares foreign tourist to grow more in a lot of Asian countries, official statistic number of 26 days is Singapore 4.2 days 6 times superabundant; And foreign tourist reached 1470 dollars in consumption of Indian average per capita, it is the whole world almost 844 dollars are average double of level.

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