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Buy airline ticket to give a number only really?
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Yesterday, have child the gentleman telephones to 85051890 dozens say: "Airline ticket is cheap now, with respect to preparation family person goes Beijing playing together, but I ordered a ticket in dot of airline ticket be commissioned to sell sth, paid cash again, the other side tells me to give me without airline ticket however, let me note a number, went to the airport going directly to moment, does a number give only really when buying airline ticket now? I always feel a heart in not quite dependable. I always feel a heart in not quite dependable..

Actually, child gentleman much Lv. Will begin on October 16 from last year, international boat assist presswork no longer, hair
Put paper airline ticket, paper airline ticket retreats city formally. By air although need not hold airline ticket, but the feedback that occupies civil aviaton side, because electronic guest is par city period is shorter, a lot of guests are unaccustomed a few regulation in perhaps understanding electronic passenger ticket to use a process, make take a process not to appear relaxed.

Electronic passenger ticket, be paper airline ticket actually " electronic edition " , the passenger can pass network, phone to perhaps receive airline and acting company bar to buy continuously. After the passenger makes money, get an electron v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money. Before boarding the plane, arrive by this electron v/arc a firm exchange and transfer of money and effective certificate in the airport value opportunity bar is exchanged seize the opportunity proof can.

To ordinary common people, photograph of electronic passenger ticket is in than paper airline ticket convenient the advantage that sexual respect is having clearly. Above all, electronic passenger ticket need not cost time and energy to take a ticket to perhaps wait to send a bill. Next, it is easy that electronic passenger ticket overcame paper airline ticket the defect of missing, attaint, also need not worry forget to head airline ticket. The 3rd, order a ticket not to accept dimensional restriction, even if be in the out-of-the-way part that cannot send a bill personally, all can undertake booking.

Pay the ticket of electronic passenger ticket the money, most go to the lavatory even if pay through credit card. Because the passenger need not be contacted face-to-face with any staff members, need not await, accomplished true convenience quick, the passenger can be printed directly to bar of the airport, airline submit an expense account proof, or direct mail sends a client.

In addition, the passenger also should note the following problem in use electron passenger ticket:

Above all, when the passenger is buying electronic passenger ticket, must accurate input oneself identity information, namely Id number, be worth machine bar in the airport otherwise or deal with on equipment of self-help value aircraft seize the opportunity the meeting when formalities encounters a trouble, because electronic passenger ticket is,undertake discriminating exclusively through identity information.
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