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Airline of the Hong Kong since 26 days will open Xiamen -- Hong Kong course
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Hong Kong airline comes enlightened Xiamen Hong Kong course, fly everyday an airliner, takeoff time is everyday 14:05.

As we have learned, hong Kong airline already was in before this outback open up city of Hong Kong beatitude, Guilin, Kunming, big talk, 3 inferior, course of Changsha, Tianjin, this entering Xiamen is the 2nd condition that its develop Fujian market. This company shows about the personage: "Devote oneself to ground of bold and resolute the development of Fujian market. "Devote oneself to ground of bold and resolute the development of Fujian market..

Current, already had 3 airline open up the flight number that Xiamen reachs Hong Kong. Among them, xiamen airline everyday 2 airliners, dragon Air company everyday 2 airliners, guo Taihang empty company is weekly one, 3, each one 5 airliners. Hong Kong airline is garrisoned Xiamen, imply is written begin from 26 days, this boat is online the operation when everyday at most will 6 airliners are the same as.

At the beginning of Guo Taihang empty company enters Xiamen, ever rolled out Xiamen to go back and forth between Hong Kong 250 yuan sales promotion price. Hong Kong airline discloses about chief, the convention according to aviation group, in begin navigation at the beginning of the preferential price that implements 5 days or so. "Sales promotion value is potential won't low go to 250 yuan this degree, but affirmation is quite inviting. But affirmation is quite inviting..

Public figure of industry of a lot of aviation is forecasted, of Hong Kong airline garrison, will make compete originally unusually intense " Xiamen -- Hong Kong " the price of course is reduced further. "Whenever Zhou Yi, Zhou San, Zhou Wu, peaceful has the state when Hong Kong airliner, fare is met a bit lower. Its reason not character is axiomatic. " branch of Xiamen of the net that carry Cheng expresses about chief, current, xiamen already was balanced relatively to the market structure of Hong Kong line, hong Kong airline serves as a successor, to grab fair market share, inevitable meeting pounds other airline on the price, it is especially when travel is off-season.

But depreciate guess what did not get Hong Kong airline to confirm. This company shows about chief, they are not to come " fight " , be in after sales promotion period passes, take the likelihood the pattern with other airline affiliation, also can consult on fare the freight rate of other airline.