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Pregnant woman airliner of boat of sea of symptom of occurrence abortion of 10 t
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"Hainan 7482, track 07, ground static wind, can be born! "

As the descent of the plane, staff of 7482 airliners unit and Xinjiang sky are in charge of Hai Hang of the center be on duty control member people loosened eventually tone. 28 minutes ago, there is symptom of occurrence abortion of a pregnant woman on this flight, on the verge of death or destruction.

Late on March 2 22 when 07 minutes, sky of civil aviaton Xinjiang is in charge of bureau control center to receive an announcement, the Hai Hang that flies to Urumqi by assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting on 7482 airliners, have symptom of occurrence abortion of a pregnant woman, have life risk at any time, unit request is first land. After receiving an announcement, control center leads the member that indicate control instantly, the descent that wears a flight to this time make adjust, safety of main safeguard plane is preferential land.

Pull one hair and use the whole body, hai Hang 7482 preferential land mean what had discharged before to take off land order wants readjust. And there is 3 planes approach queueing up in sky at that time, 7482 airliners predict Hainan be born time is 20 when 46 minutes, the platoon is in the last, the ground still has the plane of a southern airline to be about to take off, and fly circuit and Hai Hang 7482 existence conflict. The course is adjusted quickly, hai Hang 7482 change track direction, let its use means of the shortest boat the first be born, additionally two planes adjust be born time, in land ever since, to planning takeoff Nahang plane, also leave a course to allocate conflict through the change.

20 when 30 minutes, after the plane takes off, Nahang changes a course to rise to safe height, with Hainan the conflict of 7482 is solved. The lamplight of the airport and navigation establishment also change direction to be Hainan entirely 7482 land ready-made.

After 5 minutes, hainan 7482 slowly be born, than former touchdown time shifted to an earlier date 11 minutes. The medical service that expects the center of airport emergency treatment over already protects personnel to send this pregnant woman into cure of center of airport emergency treatment instantly.

Doctor Li tells center of airport emergency treatment the reporter, be in when duration class doctor serious to after its undertake preliminary check-out, thinking the circumstance is compared, answer to send toward urban large hospital to see a doctor instantly, arrange good car, help her contact good hospital, but this pregnant woman rejected the arrangement of emergency treatment center, say to the friend will receive her. Finally, this pregnant woman is driven to be received by the friend.