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Aviation of age of force of low cost maximum pressure introduces first foreign n
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In December 2005, age aviation rolls out 99 yuan of cheaper than the train ticket airline ticket. After a year, age aviation calls strategy of 1 yuan of airline ticket, one is lifted in airline " low storm " .

Accompanying " low storm " is rigid cost control policy. In the palm door person with set oneself an example to others, managing view Wang Zhenghua is guided below, each footprint reflects age aerial piece " low cost " politic. In this kind of strict low cost control falls, the end of the year announced age aviation last year gain 20 million yuan.

But be not every employee ground of metropolis be most willing to accepts this to plant " low cost, high-pressured force " working status. Be in the near future, general manager of age medium company, " age aviation travels " chief editor Li Xiaofeng because can't bear,bear " exceed low cost " run and resign in anger.

This is incorporeal dominant with Wang Zhenghua, in be not familial and descendent enterprise again, how long can be the old standard of low cost still carried?

Low cost source is saved oneself

"My mother once taught me, of fortune accumulate a half to rely on to earn, the half relies on to save, so managing very important. " the first finance and economics before the Spring Festival " Boshitang " transcribe spot, wang Zhenghua expresses. He thinks, get just about maternal influence, he thinks all the time managing it is brushstroke fortune, the enterprise is run need to rely on greatly managing, especially low cost airline, should reflect everywhere more economical.

Low cost policy in the it may be said in age aviation nowhere is absent. Age aviation does not provide meal, mineral water also changes pyxis to install, duplicating paper wants two sides of positive and negative to use, reduce specific power consumption to reduce plane weight even, age aviation oneself " age aviation travels " also remove next planes, this also became a small incident that touches off a big one that relevant administrator resigns.

On manpower cost, age also is to exhaust can the ground reduces cost. The air man cost that regards airline as one of expenditure is manpower cost in highest, and the addition as plane amount, the number of air man also rises accordingly, but if arrive other airline " dig horn " , of every air man turn meeting cost wants many yuan 200, and cause contradictory dispute easily. Be in the near future, take an examination of quantity and invite applications for a job through early days, age aviation introduced first foreign nationality air man, because as a result of system of airline of China and foreign countries different, foreign nationality air man does not need many yuan 200 turn membership due, this can save a large sum of expense.

"Although the pay of individual of foreign nationality air man may be a bit more tallish, but did not have turn costlily membership due, need to pay a few poundage only, we reduced cost of invite applications for a job greatly. " Zhang Lei of age aviation spokesman tells " daily of the first finance and economics " , managing the manpower cost that come down makes the same score booth to arrive every month, can support longer the firewood of air man of foreign nationality of period of time proposes a toast. Age aviation will plan large quantities of introducing to accord with foreign nationality air man of the condition this year, in order to support the new aircraft that its introduce in succession next.
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