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Before plane of two day book is taking off, Tianjin seaside airport happens touc
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Two planes that preparation takes off happen inside the airport touch brush, wing occurrence damaged, the airliner also is cancelled. After this matter happening, yesterday (4 days) the passenger that wants to take these two planes to go to Japan afternoon, be forced to stay in Tianjin.

The thing happened yesterday 14:30 the left and right sides, at that time inside Tianjin seaside International Airport, two planes that fly to Japan had boarded the plane end, below the drawing of the machine, plane slowly sail to track. Be informed from inside mouth of a passenger, the plane just left board the plane building before long, airframe has not entered formal runway, it is to happen suddenly first shake, stopped subsequently. After awaiting period of time, appeared for the plane by personnel explanation for nothing accident, need asks the plane below the passenger.

From the point of the spot, the park position of two planes does not assume parallel position, have a bit however tilt, happen meeting brushed place is wing. Two flank of plane photograph adjacent are built was in one case, but the extreme part that is wing. Subsequently the staff member parts two planes, after two wing are apart, be found a place for be inside airport courtyard side by side. When distributing news dispatches up to the reporter, from Tianjin seaside International Airport understanding arrives, they still are investigating the matter of accident happening further, do aftertreatment of be apt to.