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The vocational training after Xinjiang sky is in charge of Spring Festival of te
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On Feburary 27, new Year of the traditional Chinese calendar just passed 2007, team of communication of terminal of communication of bureau of canal of sky of civil aviaton Xinjiang organizes the vocational training that faculty had by a definite date one day. Groom this by this group team leader Zhou Gang is told independently in person, not only the form is colorful, and content is rich.

Groom this give lessons to use relatively visual umbriferous technology in formally, through making elegant tax, can make already everybody be clear at a glance, what can enhance classroom again is interactive; In quiz and discussing a course, make everybody increased to learn enthusiasm already, abounded professional knowledge again; Grooming theory and real phase union are paid attention to on content. To Urumqi airport in groom equipment of the 2nd 8 passageways is comprised from the system, analysis of interface technology, circuitry, each main parameter setting arrives crucial yuan of action of parts of an apparatus and working principle were done explain in the round, he guides everybody to go to what spot view and emulate and parameter setting have between equipment to demonstrate after the class.

In the light of 2007 is Xinjiang sky manage capital construction year, tighten in time, below the circumstance with very onerous job of safe production, construction, squadron heads in advance plan, new Year beginning with respect to formulate the vocational training plan of full and accurate, early arrangement is reached on time. The place that runs group of communication of bureau communication terminal in the light of sky of civil aviaton Xinjiang belongs to the actual condition of equipment and business, group leader gives lessons personally, with period before producing busy season and construction job arrival, clutch the valuable time of the near future, the aggrandizement, business technology level that raises whole group worker, and the time that in advance obligate gives job of the construction that finish. This will be finished smoothly to what assure the construction job this year, safe production task lay solid foundation.

Through insecurity study of a day, aroused the enthusiasm of everybody study business, for vocational study opened good head this year, a complete countryman aviation also heads to be in charge of post skill contest to lay a foundation in the meantime.